SmartAlice Training

SmartAlice Intimate Partner Violence Bystander Intervention Training

SmartAlice Intimate Partner Violence Bystander Intervention Training is an intensive full-day (6 hour) program designed for employers, case managers, health care workers, human resource professionals, community leaders, and other allies. Participants will learn about types of Intimate Partner Violence, warning signs, health consequences, and referral process for Alice House. SmartAlice Training also includes investigation of common myths, practice with safety planning, discussion of gender based violence, scope of practice, and self-care.

Alice House will supply workbooks outlining our intervention model (to be used throughout the training and yours to keep), materials for activities, individual training certificates for participants, and a display certificate for the group/employer.

Training can be facilitated within one day or through two 3-hour sessions.

$85-$100 per person (group rates are available. Depending on distance, there may be a charge for travel/accommodations).

Click here for the SmartAlice IPVBIT information sheet.

To schedule SmartAlice Training, contact us:

Alice Executive Coaching provides community leaders with all the benefit of SmartAlice training as well as 1:1 guided critical reflection in a confidential atmosphere. $200 per session and sessions typically last 3 hours. For more information, contact

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