International Women's Day 2022

Mar 11, 2022

In 1848, hundreds of people gathered for America’s first women’s rights convention after women were not allowed to speak at an anti-slavery convention. The first IWD took place in 1908, where women protested garment workers’ labour conditions. IWD being recognized on March 8 has ties to the women’s movements that took place during the 1917 Russian Revolution.

Today, we appreciate the progress that has been made while holding space for the work that still needs to be done. Indigenous women and girls are still at a higher risk of going missing or being murdered. Trans people face high levels of violence, harassment, and discrimination when searching for housing, employment, or healthcare. Underrepresented groups have been at the forefront of our COVID-19 response and have also been most impacted by the pandemic when it comes to safety, employment, finances, access to support services/resources, discrimination, etc.

IWD is economic, it’s political, cultural, and it’s social. Today is an opportunity to check-in and reflect. If you already understand the importance of gender equity, dare to deepen your understanding and learn something new. If you don’t understand gender equity or the purpose of this day, it’s the perfect time to open your mind, your heart, and join us. To support today’s reflection, we are sharing a few prompts. Perhaps you take notes on paper or start a conversation with a safe person. Push yourself past the hashtag or the pressure to post online and go inward.

Today and every day, thank you to our supporters and our community. This work is complex and we are grateful to the people that act as our light in moments of dark.

International Women's Day: Prompts for Reflection from Alice House.

1. What does IWD mean to you? Why?

2. Think of a woman or fem-identifying individual that is special to you. Why are they special to you?

3. What’s one thing you believe people can do today to get one step closer to gender equity?

4. What does intersectional feminism mean to you?

5. A man/male-identifying individual wants to be an ally but needs advice on how to get started. What do you tell them?