Alice House is the key to opportunity and a new beginning.

We provide safe second-stage housing and supportive counselling for women and children in Nova Scotia.


Programs & Workshops

Our programs support women and children in their recovery from intimate partner violence. All counselling is woman-centred and focused on the immediate holistic needs of each family.

Recent News

International Women's Day 2022

In 1848, hundreds of people gathered for America’s first women’s rights convention after women were not allowed to speak at an anti-slavery convention. The first IWD took place in 1908, where women protested garment workers’ labour conditions. IWD being recognized on March 8 has ties to the women’s movements that took place during the 1917 Russian Revolution.

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Featured Success Story

I Now Have the Strength

I Now Have the Strength


A mother in her late twenties with one child fled from another province to gain distance from her abuser.   She was on Income Assistance, and was homeless. She wanted to disconnect from her abuser, achieve stability and get off income assistance.

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