Counselling and Programs for Children and Youth

Healing Hearts (children and youth from 4 to 18 years)

Our trauma informed counselling program helps children process their feelings and heal from witnessing intimate partner violence.  

This program was praised during the 2011 International Conference on Domestic Violence.

The following options are available:

  • one-on-one counselling with children and youth
  • family counselling
  • parent  counselling
  • therapeutic groups and workshops
  • parenting support and education 
  • referral and advocacy within the community
  • community based outings 

The main component of our Healing Hearts program is the counselling program which is structured in three stages:


  • Assessing the impact of trauma on daily functioning.
  • Safety planning. 
  • Learning to express emotions.
  • Starting to develop coping skills and grounding.
  • Beginning to discuss the cycle of abuse and trauma symptoms. 


  • Developing a deeper understanding of the cycle of abuse.
  • Exploring changes to family structure and family dynamics.
  • Discussing the impact of trauma on self-esteem and sense of belonging. 
  • Furthering coping and grounding skills. 


  • Supporting independence with emotional regulation as well as coping and grounding skills.
  • Re-assessment of the impact of trauma on daily functioning.



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