Counselling and Programs for Children and Youth

Healing Hearts (for school-aged children and youth)

Our counselling program helps children process their feelings and heal from witnessing intimate partner violence. This program was praised during the 2011 International Conference on Domestic Violence.

The following options are available:

• one-on-one counselling with children and their mothers

• age appropriate children’s group activities

• parenting support classes

• referral and advocacy within the community


Building Bonds (for children under 5 years old and their mothers)

Direct parent coaching, support, children’s programming, and respite for mothers is offered through the Building Bonds program. On a weekly basis, families can meet at Alice House for the following:

Family drop-in: informal group promoting interactive play with the children, art time, and once-a-month activities in the community together

Littles-only club: organized program time to develop social skills, gross and fine motor skills, and sensory exploration in a safe, nurturing environment

Mom’s group: discuss parenting topics centered around current experiences and difficulties with children

Mothers support: one-on-one time to discuss concerns about children’s exposure to violence, safety issues, and any other early childhood parenting issues

Parenting respite: take a break and allow your children to have fun with people outside of their family


Parent coaching (for mothers)

Mothers can receive support and coaching about raising children who have been exposed to intimate partner violence.


Community outings (for youth)

Youth can become connected with the community by attending scheduled outings.


Art therapy (6 weeks)

Women and children create artwork to express their thoughts and emotions.  


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