Programs & Workshops

Housing, Advocacy and Access

Our units range from one bedroom to four bedroom units to accomodate different sized families.  We manage 18 self-contained, unfurnished housing units located across Halifax Regional Municipality. Our buildings are equipped with outdoor security cameras, 24 hour alarm systems, and kick-proof doors. Rent to geared to income. Help is available for finding furniture, moving, and settling in. Access to free food is available because of our agreement with Feed Nova Scotia. We are able to recommend women to organizations who can help with employment, legal proceedings, and more.

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Counselling and Programs for Women

Our counselling program follows a holistic approach to address trauma. A holistic approach means paying attention to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual consequences of living through a distressing experience. It is not neccessary for women to be living at Alice House to attend individual and/or group counselling sessions. While at a counselling session, women have the option to allow their children to play in the program room under staff supervision. We also offer yoga classes, mindfulness and healthy communication workshops, self defense training, and more.

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Counselling and Programs for Children and Youth

Our trauma informed counselling program Healing Hearts helps children and youth process their feelings and heal from witnessing intimate partner violence. (Ages 4 -18 years)

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Education and Prevention

Alice House envisions a society in which every person can live a life without the fear or threat of physical, sexual, emotional, financial, social, or spiritual abuse. This means preventing intimate partner violence before it begins. We provide information about intimate partner violence to the community through basic information sessions, short introductory workshops, and a certificate program. To disrupt the cycle of intimate partner violence, we give presentations to youth that explain the difference between a healthy and unhealthy relationship.

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