Counselling and Programs for Women

Live Safe: Our counselling program follows a holistic approach to address trauma. A holistic approach means paying attention to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual consequences of living through a distressing experience. Counselling sessions are tailored to each woman’s needs.

The following topics may be explored:

  • past abuse
  • the cycle of violence
  • self-esteem
  • coping strategies
  • healthy boundaries

Individualized Case Management & Counselling: Explore the impact of trauma and a path forward in a confidential setting. 

This is structured in three tiers.


Weekly counselling sessions, group attendance, and a higher level of outreach and advocacy.

  • Introduction to Alice House program.
  • Establishing safety and stability.
  • Engagement in couselling and programming.
  • Beginning to develop coping and grounding skills.
  • Beginning to discuss the context of abuse and trauma symptoms.


Weekly or bi-weekly counselling sessions, group attendance, advocacy as needed. 

  • Beginning to discuss context of abuse and trauma symptoms.
  • Establishing and utilizing effective coping and grounding skills.
  • Establishing and maintaining boundaries.
  • Beginning transition planning.


Bi-weekly or monthly counselling sessions, possible group attendance.

  • Developing a deeper understanding of abuse dynamics and the impacts of trauma.
  • Strengthening independence and insight.
  • Breaking down guilt and shame.
  • Transitioning out of Alice House. 

Group trauma counselling: Explore the impact of trauma and a path forward in an empathetic and supportive group environment. This program is called “Beyond Trauma”.

Group empowerment program: Women of Wonder (WOW) is an eight-week empowerment program. Using therapeutic, creative and adult education methods women, share their knowledge and explore a variety of different topics which are adapted to the individual group. Examples of typical session topics are: Coping through difficult times; Boundaries; Self Esteem & Balance; Fear & Anxiety; Letting go & Moving Forward.  

Women's support programming: Become educated about mental wellness and ways to help your brain and body recognize you’re safe. The concept of psychoeducation, its importance, and methods of grounding are explored and practiced. Learn and practice mindfulness techniques to help relieve stress, improve health, and regulate emotions.

Trauma-informed yoga: Exercise with weekly yoga classes designed to calm the mind and body. These yoga classes are sensitive to the needs of women with trauma symptoms.

Alice on the Go: Our new distance program focuses on healing from the trauma of abuse.

Additional workshops and programs are offered based on participant feedback.


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