Oct 31, 2018



Start Date: January 2nd 2019                                                                                                                             End Date: December 23rd, 2019            


POSITION TITLE:                 Child and Youth Counsellor (CYC)


POSITION SUMMARY: The primary function of the CYC is to provide therapeutic assessment, counselling, and support for children, youth and women to facilitate emotional development and recovery for families exposed to violence in the home.

Duties of this position include but are not limited to the initial needs assessment of the child, counselling, advocacy and referral. The position also works closely with mothers providing parent coaching and support. The CYC reports directly to the Senior Counsellor (SC) to determine the best course of action as per the assessment of the emotional, physical, and mental needs of the children in the Alice House Program.

The CYC also serves as a community resource supporting families and other organizations working in family violence. The CYC contributes family and intimate partner violence prevention workshops and presentations to the community at large on behalf of Alice House. 



Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work or related degree with minimum 3 years’ experience working with children and youth.

Masters of Psychology or Social Work or other accredited counselling program with minimum 1-year experience working specifically with children and youth.

Training or experience in complexities and impact of domestic violence on children and families.

Demonstrated expertise in family therapy, including brief models, and advanced group skills with children and parents are preferred.

Current or pending registration with professional governing body.


INTERESTED APPLICANTS are asked to email their resume and cover letter to