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Join us as we work toward a society free of violence.

As a non-profit organization, we rely on fundraising, grants, and sponsorship to do what we do best: working with women and children who need help coping with the impacts of domestic or intimate partner violence. For us to live in a world free from violence, we need your help. Becoming an Alice House sponsor means you are joining a community of caring. Your financial support will help us to continue fostering safety, courage, growth, and opportunity. Your support also helps us raise awareness, which is critical to a group like ours because issues like violence thrive in silence and isolation.

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Tiered Structure. Our approach to sponsorship opportunities is inspired by our client’s journey through Alice House. While we recognize that each person’s healing journey is individual and self-directed, we have implemented a tiered structure to guide the process in a way that is trauma informed. The first tier being safety, which we work to establish from the outset. A foundation of safety enables each phase to follow. We also think of organizational safety and ensuring we’re able to continue offering the services our community needs. The next level is courage, where we use what we learned in safety planning to continue forward momentum into transition planning. When supporters like you join us, we experience courage at the staffing level because your support reinforces community need. Our final phase is what we call growth and opportunity. At this phase, we are strengthening independence, building on supports beyond Alice House, and realizing full potential. We’re also growing our team, our housing, and expanding our services. With growth and opportunity, anything is possible.

Sponsor Benefits. It’s important to us that our partners feel like they are a part of an opportunity that is mutually beneficial. To start a conversation, we have suggested a certain number of benefits per sponsor tier. Rather than deciding which levels enjoy which benefits, we would like to collaborate with you to ensure each engagement is customized in a way that works for all involved. Benefits could include (but are not limited to) social media recognition, website features, collaborative storytelling, inclusion in our annual report, and speaking opportunities. The ultimate benefit of being an Alice House sponsor is knowing your support of a small non-profit is truly making a difference and you’re a part of the solution that will one day see an end to intimate partner violence.

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