Victims and Survivors of Crime Week

Three Ways You Can Get Involved:


  1. There were 2,603 victims of intimate partner violence in Nova Scotia in 2017. Many cannot escape the situation because they have no place to go. Alice House is the only second-stage housing organization in Halifax Regional Municipality. Your donation is guaranteed to aid us in connecting a family to safe housing. Give today and make a difference.


  2. Learning about intimate partner violence is the first step in preventing it. Understanding the types of violence that can occur in relationships, how to recognize the signs and where to go for help are key to build a strong and informed community. Follow the link to learn more about Intimate Partner Violence, and what you can do!

  4. Stay in touch with Alice House and stay up to date on organizational changes, new information about intimate partner violence, feedback and stories from individuals who use Alice House, and the different groups in our community that support our work!



Alice House provides safe housing, counseling and support for women and children fleeing intimate partner violence, creating an opportunity to establish safety and a path to recovery.

Alice House supports women and children as they take the steps to move forward and forge a life free from fear; ending the cycle of intimate partner violence.

Thank you for making a difference!